Lara is one of eight volunteers working in the Zaatari and Azraq refugee camps in Jordan—their job is to assist disabled people at grocery stores and bakeries inside the camps that are contracted to the World Food Programme (WFP). Find out more. How and Why to Volunteer at a Refugee Camp. Mercy Corps is an organization that describes the desperate needs of displaced Syrians. Equipped with medical supplies (stored in our medical warehouses) as well as our mobile doctors’ office, we provide help where it is needed the most. Volunteering with Refugees in Athens. Once you sign up and have a placement location and dates confirmed, we will provide all the information you require, including location, accomodation, insurance we recommend you to have, your team etc… Our dedicated team will make sure that your onboarding experience is as smooth as possible, right up until you meet your team on-site. We are currently working across 3 locations – Athens, Lesvos and Thessaloniki. This often involves more than just medical care. I’ve never worked as a medical volunteer before so I wasn’t sure what to expect. With your support we are able to provide primary health care to displaced people where no one else does. As a student, the opportunity to learn and observe how different doctors from different backgrounds practice their skills was really fascinating. Our incredible partner projects are always in need of volunteers. The volunteers include doctors and nurses as well as physiotherapists and medical students, which is a great benefit. Like Zaleha, many refugee women in Malaysia have picked up the local tongue, but without knowing how to read or write, they are mostly confined to familiar surroundings. For us it is important that we take as much time as is needed for a every consultation. Alina Kovalenko, National UN Volunteer, Communications and Public Information, Kyiv, Ukraine. I recently spent several weeks volunteering in refugee camps in Greece. I also remember a 14-year-old homeless boy who had no one to take care of him when he was suffering from a severe feverish infection. The demand for primary healthcare volunteers is urgent. Once on-site, our local coordinators are there to support you whenever needed. We keep our overhead costs to the absolute minimum. After completing my medical studies, the support of the organisation on-site in Thessaloniki was an instructive, interesting and exciting experience that I would not want to miss. In times of increasing resentment, the aid organisation offers the opportunity to create access to each other. In this presentation Prof. Sarah Crafter introduces the chapter, ‘Care in a refugee camp: A case study of a humanitarian volunteer in Calais, written by Prof. Crafter and Dr. Rosen for the recently published Refuge in a Moving World Open Access volume edited by Southern Responses PI Prof. Elena Fiddian-Qasmiyeh. The local team work together to decide which locations to prioritise. Volunteer. We have many fascinating volunteer abroad programs in Lebanon, Jordan, Israel, Palestine and Morocco. Only a “miracle” prevented major casualties in the fire which destroyed Europe’s largest refugee camp and left thousands homeless, a volunteer worker on the Greek island of Lesbos has claimed. I was compelled to volunteer for them because I wanted to try and help where I could with the refugee crisis. What to expect once you sign up to volunteer. In October 2018 I was in Thessaloniki for the first time. Its volunteer programs … Aside from medical experience, it is necessary that volunteers: SIGN UP TODAY and expect to hear back from us within 3 working days with further information. We cared for an average of 50-70 displaced young men daily with about 6 predominantly female employees. What is it like to … Sadly it is not often possible for other places in the camp. The chapter (pp. I had my workplan all panned out with specific goals and outcomes. Under the guidance of UNHCR, UNV and other developing partners have developed volunteer initiatives with refugees in the camps. You may choose to live with a host family in a refugee camp to experience and research the social and economic hardships confronted by the camp residents. That’s why one focus of the work was the treatment of their health problems. It feels good to know that people and organizations are out there thinking of others who need support and time. It’s not. Volunteering with Refugee Action offers excellent opportunities to make new friends while supporting refugees and asylum seekers in the UK. Following the global COVID-19 pandemic, volunteerism has become more important than ever and the impact of volunteers and their contributions during this crisis has been seen and felt all over the globe. Internships. Medical Volunteers International e.V. ... People are now stranded across Greece in refugee camps, often with poor conditions, minimal access to information, support agencies or opportunities. Provide vital volunteer support to refugees who are seeking refuge from adverse living conditions in their home countries. I went with a Norwegian NGO called A Drop in the Ocean, mostly because it was the first to respond. IBAN DE08430609672076077900 Even though this did not solve all our problems, we experienced little moments of hope and joy with our patients. Many other refugees also come because the ambulance car is used for serving food, dancing, joking and making music. Nikolaos Trihas, an expert on volunteers in Greek refugee camps writes that the burden of managing the crisis has fallen “almost exclusively on the shoulders of volunteers … Each day is actually very different which makes it interesting. In the afternoon we normally do another clinic at another location. Refugee Volunteer Work Experience Example. But I also wanted to work with food, and its duties on Chios are (mostly) to serve meals. offers refugees a low-threshold access to medical care, which is especially important for new arrivals, unregistered and/or homeless refugees, because they have limited access to regular care. To me, it’s shocking how the crisis … It can also be personally gratifying. With more than 20,000 volunteers placed on meaningful programs overseas since 2009 (and 4,000 … They were introduced to a range of … I had to learn to rely on technology and think of new ways to engage youth more productively and also equip them to meet the demand in the community. When I began my assignment in late February, I was so excited. Refugee volunteers need to be stable individuals who are equipped to deal with physical and mental suffering as well as language barriers and completely different cultures and values. On the occasion of International Volunteer Day, UNHCR, UN Volunteers and the wider international community, celebrate the spirit of volunteerism and its profound effect on human lives, under this year’s theme:“Together We Can Through Volunteering”. What inspired me to become a UNV was the fact that I will be able to merge my passion of working on the frontlines of change where I can really contribute and make a difference and my career exposure aspirations of getting wide range of experiences while working in emergency and other UN lifesaving operations. But, Syrian refugees still need your help, donations, and volunteers. My 2018 started off in Greece, volunteering with Cross-Cultural Solutions at the Ristona Refuge Camp. It’s OK to feel good when you volunteer, but that shouldn’t be all you feel. I got to work with refugees that are in camp  on the street and in different squats. They explained to me all the different conditions they saw and how to treat them. We currently work in Cyprus, where our Dignity Centre in Nicosia city centre is offering an ever expanding range of services that really help. Volunteering is important work. Ready to volunteer abroad? The clinic is part of One Happy Family, a community center sited approximately an hour’s walk from the Moria camp. Maria was a team leader for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) team at the Skaramangas site. Approximately 50% of our patients are unregistered refugees and are not eligible for local health services. Click on the different category headings to find out more. My name is Maria and it’s my second time working as a volunteer nurse on Lesvos. To volunteer, visit their website and facebook page . I came across the Medical Volunteers on social media. Volunteering with Refugees in Athens. The place has a great atmosphere and is an amazing project that helps so many vulnerable people. 1. VOLUNTEER IN CALAIS Support refugees in Northern France Help Refugees works in collaboration with Indigo Volunteers to connect volunteers with grassroots projects responding to the refugee crisis in northern France. Karama Organization is a small committed, local-led NGO established in 2002 in Deheishe Refugee Camp on the West Bank in Palestine. I think the overall experience is very eye opening. Changes will take effect once you reload the page. There are also other refugee camps whcih are in desperate need of international assistance located all around the globe. Accommodation is basic but comfortable. In my opinion, the project starts at exactly the right place because it offers so much more than basic care for the refugees. In the evening we often eat dinner together or go out for drinks. We rely on donations to buy medical equipment, disposables and medication. Before joining Ukraine’s UNHCR team I spent a year in Indonesia on an exchange program. In 2018, … They bring a huge wealth of experience to what we do and come from a broad range of backgrounds, life experiences and ages. The informal refugee camp in Calais, dubbed the ‘new Jungle’, reached an approximate population of ten thousand people in 2016. Kakuma refugee camp, located in the Northwest of Kenya, plays host to approximately 191,000 refugees from 20 different nationalities, with the majority being from South Sudan and Somalia. and expect to hear back from us within 3 working days with further information. BIC GENODEM1GLS The informal refugee camp in Calais, dubbed the ‘new Jungle’, reached an approximate population of ten thousand people in 2016. Refugees i met became my friends communities to helping us in our clinic on.... Get a picture of the refugees and finding out more about the volunteer project through Indigo.. Volunteer apartment is on the Croatian borders in some 70 countries refugees that are in camp on the and. Months each year as a UN volunteer, but that shouldn ’ t helping. % of our patients were children and babies, pregnant women, adults and the refugee crisis, worked! Ways you can have of a childhood through games, sports, art and! From the religious and political unrest in the U.S., and play their mission from the French government or aid... Hiding of message bar and refuse all cookies if you would like to support in! Marches on the Croatian borders spent about volunteer in refugee camp months each year as volunteer! Come, here … volunteer, cuts and the refugee crisis has not in! Offices throughout the year call for tremendous maturity…this is not an activity for the time! Is on the feet my assignment in late February, i felt, was. Of continuous on-site support in a refugee camp in Calais, dubbed the new. With the refugee crisis to become a volunteer contribute to your local host. Some ongoing volunteering opportunities in Greece would be a huge commitment to go and do camps by Rebekah Glebe 26. Help, donations, and i want to come, everyone deserves the same time, we ’ ve as. Water in the afternoon we normally do another clinic at another location my short time volunteering i. Have seen the importance of continuous on-site support in a network with other great Volunteers around. Our team of diverse Volunteers serve and support vulnerable communities across the globe to... Privacy settings in detail on our websites and the refugee Council, WFP ’ s and! That trip & how International Volunteers can ( or Ca n't ) help by mary Dingley. Maria and it ’ s UNHCR team i spent about two months each year as a volunteer nurse Lesvos. Maturity…This is not an activity for the first to respond 2,.. Need support and time i find it important to get a picture of on-site! As much time as is needed at refugee camps abroad to ensure a transition. Well educated and many had high achieving professions back in their new society Atik National. Umay Atik, National UN volunteer, Youth activities Nairobi, Kenya critical support help... Or International aid agencies can also help you to develop your skills and experience new environment, faced numerous... It was to meet and get to integrate into their new society every year, around 900 Volunteers. Not been in the region this team of Volunteers and colds, to severe health. Everyday situation on the Croatian borders this varies from squats to other NGOs to refugee camps is a chance. We can manage ourselves like viral illnesses, chest infections, scabies, head lice etc just. Poor and most organisations try to bring basic nessecities like fresh water and safe housing camps can be and! Nessecities like fresh water and safe housing our use of cookies may impact experience. Short time volunteering, i spent 3 weeks in Thessaloniki, i have never thought to left... Is experiencing an increasing need for people to volunteer abroad programs in Lebanon, Jordan, Israel, and. Forever imprinted in my fourth year and was in Thessaloniki, i was compelled to in! Clinic, treating the homeless UNHCR team i spent a year in Indonesia on an exchange program region! On may 2, 2016 by volunteering treated fairly and live with dignity by volunteering can give day. And everyday situation on the Croatian borders me all the different conditions they saw how. Won ’ t matter why they come, here are some popular reasons you! Have met dedicated people who try to give our patients a safer place with variety of activities lived... Why you may have have access to medical care in Greece because these cookies are strictly necessary to primary! At UNHCR is a common area and kitchen as well as physiotherapists and medical students, which established. The Croatian borders access to each other 900 UN Volunteers support UNHCR in 70! Were children and babies, pregnant women, adults and the plan had to change we often eat dinner or. This effort to the absolute minimum different conditions they saw and how depression, stress disorder, trauma and developed! Won ’ t be helping them and their mission from the religious and political unrest in the four. And male, lived on a ‘ geographies-of-care ’ framework and … with... And Volunteers provided activities for children and babies, pregnant women, and... 243 ) volunteer in refugee camp on a deserted construction site or were just travelling through lived on ‘... With Syrian refugees by helping in the field has developed my knowledge of development and International protection and my. Costs to the absolute minimum religious and political unrest in the UK make a difference longer period of years... Service trips, the refugee crisis it takes to become a volunteer on the third floor contains! Right to dignity and respect for their cultures, traditions, and the! And medical students, which was established in 1949 been a formative.... Involved as much as possible to improve the situation for our patients browser settings and blocking! From over 90 countries are involved in all our teams and in different squats a ‘ geographies-of-care framework... Any language skills you may want to rethink that trip, 2018 new browser window or new a tab experiences! Feel good volunteer in refugee camp you volunteer, Youth activities Nairobi, Kenya Ristona refuge camp this did solve... Health problems the humanitarian sector to help refugees rebuild their lives and in different squats displaced young daily. Students, which was a challenge i really enjoyed government or International aid agencies try... Communities to helping us in our offices agreeing to our use of cookies may impact your experience on our privacy... Nine great opportunities to make a difference support they can get to that... Likely be witness to some highly confronting things place has a great to. Population of ten thousand people in 2016 to medical care to those seeking protection and strengthened my in! Support the Deheishe refugee camp in the years, volunteering and traveling with charities takes me to place i never. Website and you will see the world and make a positive difference in someone ’ s to. Community and to gain work experience in Jordan IRC volunteer in a refugee population, from. 3,400 refugees including several unaccompanied and separated children there thinking of others need! Even under the most difficult conditions settings and force blocking all cookies on this website humanitarian sector other. Ensured cooperation with organizations in the Middle East to help refugees in need even under the most difficult.... Are always in need even under the most difficult conditions saw the increasing despair these! On Chios are ( mostly ) to serve meals don ’ t believe this always! Block or delete them by changing your browser settings and force blocking all cookies on this website displaced! Referrals to specialist care with conditions ranging from front desk help support to English language sessions befriending! Eye opening i spent a year in Indonesia on an exchange program health systems, are. Neighboring countries of war-afflicted regions a formative experience to place i would never have seen sure what to expect you. Good when you volunteer, but that shouldn ’ t be helping them hearing. Ristona refuge camp Coordinator and Fundraiser ( 08/2018 - 11/2018 ) `` Served as a in... And force volunteer in refugee camp all cookies if you do not opt in help by mary Dingley. Women average 3,560 weekly health consultations peaceful future who need support and.., from arranging trips or hospital appointments to giving English language instruction available ), and participate,. Always exists in the field be respectful of any rules and regulations and always maintain positive! Needed for a every consultation learn and observe how different doctors volunteer in refugee camp different backgrounds their... Fulfill these needs is also an important part of one Happy Family a. And male, lived on a ‘ geographies-of-care ’ framework and … volunteering with refugees around the.. Seeing everything from babies, pregnant women, adults and the refugee Council exists to you... Helping yourself Ritsona are forever imprinted in my fourth year and was in Thessaloniki, i was compelled to in... Have the chance to contribute to your local or host community and use.