Each student in her own way appears to be facing inner struggles coming from some significant burden in her past that she tries to face in her own way.. Each one of the five actresses is excellent in her own role. i think this drama has a good writer...i follow yoonjin character and i think the writer has succeeded in creating this character and her story...so touchable...yoonjin and jae wan 's love is so beautiful and pure although it's with pain ...the way they understand eachother is so touchable ....the ugly truth in this world and how unfair this world is but yoonjin try to be strong...i almost cried because of her in episode 9 when she broke because of that restaurant manager unbearable behavior and the real world is so much worse than this drama show us....i hope yoonjin and jaewan have happy ending and i think their character is beautiful. henri Jun 13 2016 5:01 am but my darlings, neither of you have ever even considered to lean on something warm and alive, to abandon the need to seek out something cold and dead.] Really touching and inspiring. The soundtrack is perfect. Hello! Would love to see a season 3.....This is a great show. I'm not sure if I want to watch Season 2 though I heard it was good..I just can't picture how a new actress replaced the original Eun Jae lol. It is about life. Fidia Sep 23 2016 10:34 pm I began my time at Icaghowan as the "camp kid" running around the island at the age of 3, when my nanny, at the time, happened to be the Program Director (shoutout to Heather! I wanted salsa or a … I'm in love with this drama considering I'm very picky when it comes to k-drama. It's different from standard kdrama's. I read the plot and the story is so so, jenny Jul 16 2016 3:38 pm Song Ji-won is a main character in Season 1 and Season 2. And when YJM cried saying that her nail peel off, she's the who one hugged her! I was too upset about Eun-Jae’s characters being replaced in season 2 and gave up watching, but my curiosity would stay still. awsome series.... Cynthia Brock Mar 04 2020 7:47 pm LINAA_29 Aug 30 2016 1:41 pm Sima Feb 20 2018 3:06 pm Good drama! Thank god I have some good dramas to watch next month. hyehye112 Aug 30 2016 2:40 am Aly Dec 19 2016 4:04 am It tackles from ordinary to less ordinary subjects, and asks question about the ways of korean society, without pushing any opinion. She also gave good advice to YEJ. Thank you :). loadbox(1); Nina Aug 07 2016 7:53 am So happy I tripped over it during a search on Netflix. If you expect miraculously saved situations, and amazing love stories, well this not it. I'm so happy. The girls act great and the story line is very interesting ! @Mysticai his name is Yoon Jong-Hoon. (Watched the first 4 eps so far). Age of Youth) is a South Korean television series starring Han Ye-ri, Han Seung-yeon, Park Eun-bin, Ryu Hwa-young, Park Hye-su, Ji Woo and Choi Ara. But it will definately take away from my enjoying it fully. Court Jul 24 2018 11:29 am Such a lovely drama, i am so into it! Really nice drama, but I don't think they ever said why the ballerina girl left... Essie Oct 08 2016 3:46 pm Totally loved it. Elba Nov 07 2016 12:44 pm kkkkk Sep 12 2016 11:28 am Age of Youth is one of korean series i been waiting to have another season with the same cast and characters cause they portayed their characters very well to the extent that you can't miss to watch the next episode.... sassyahjumma Mar 19 2017 12:54 am To me this is my most favorite Korean drama of all times, this drama teaches you a lot about the real world and how things really works. I become so interest with her because her easy going personality. -- (C) NETFLIX Han Ye-ri. If there is going to be a season 3 doesn’t anyone know when it will be released? The drama is simple and great .. Actor 5 Credits. seo Jul 31 2018 11:12 am Anyone here, can u tell me what's the ending title song of this drama????? Please give us SEASON 2 T.T Song Ji Won is the newest member of the share house, she’s shy and a pushover, this doesn’t mesh well with the others. ?love u my Unii's. She deliver her lines in a beautiful and powerful way. Age of Youth lovers Dec 02 2020 10:24 am if(typeof(W4GRB)=="undefined") please show the third season . The guy who did the cameo as Yool Bin is singer Kang Kyun Sung from Noel. And it can't be end just like that TT.TT, This drama will be missed, thanks for making such this drama XD. ☺️☺️. Love all the girls but Eun Jae and Ji won are my most favorites. anne Dec 17 2016 5:21 pm Good job AOY. vivi Aug 06 2016 11:03 pm Why does Park Hye-Soo leave in season 2??? window.W4GRB = new Object(); really love this dramaaaa!!!!! I like the story, fighting! Really like it~^^. No hatin' on the newbs, it's just that it feels so empty w/o the OG's y'know? kenchen Aug 29 2016 5:48 am Awesome movie! Nice drama, keep it up JTBS. Ryu Hwayoung and Park Eunbin really rock their character so perfectly. When she finally explodes I cried. Hana Aug 09 2016 10:35 pm The acting is pretty great. Among the five roommates, Jeong Ye-Eun is in love with love and let's herself be used and even abused by her insecure and insincere boyfriend Ko Doo-Young. Later, it reveals she has horrible secret or past. In case you didn’t get enough fringe and ostrich feathers on my last Roaring Twenties Ready blog post, I’ve got more for you. Kayla Aug 07 2016 2:25 pm The title is 'age of youth' but isn't the storylines abit too dark?? Being a supportive friend makes me interested in her. Anyone, who knows the cast who named 'yool bin'? except – except each other. But not just with Eun Jae, I was able to sympathize with each of the female characters on certain aspects. I hope JTBC will give us all a proper closure by producing the 3rd Season with the original Cast in it: Park hye su as Eun Jae & Ryu hwa Young as Kang Yina and the rest of the crew and ofcourse I hope sunbae Yoon Jong-yeol played by Shin yoon soo will be there as well!!! The way he look at her is kinda different,especially in the episode 10, when Yina suddenly sell all her bags and shoes. One month before the virus... What was the more complicated was to find a sport that can fit for both of us. XDXD Anyways, i think that this is a really nice drama to watch. My heart was badly damaged by the treatment I received in my twenties; this led to sudden and severe heart failure last year – a full 20 years later. One day I just woke up and suddenly had the urge to vacuum my whole carpet for the first time in my life. Seriously, this is the best drama I have come across so far. Please, Please, Please, give us a season 3, or or 5! The characters are so loveable and this drama just hits you everywhere in the feels. i almost in tears at kidnapped scene but can’t help my self to laugh seeing other girls crying, i don’t know why kekeke, i love their love line too :D Kasperfan Aug 02 2016 11:47 pm First of all, I have to mention how good I felt watching Hello, My Twenties! Ye-Eun is devoted to her boyfriend, she is clear about what she likes or not. ‘Hello, My Twenties’ or sometimes called ‘Age of Youth, is a Netflix Original about five women who live in a share house together. Which I wish I had surrounding me. nilah Nov 14 2018 6:33 am OMG! He looks worried about Yina. I so regret putting this drama off for the past three weeks! (청춘시대) is a drama stuffed with happy and laugh out loud moments contradicted with the emotional and heartbreaking ones found in real life.This drama follows the diverse stories of five housemates, Yoon Jin-Myung, Jung Ye-Eun, Song Ji-Won, Kang Yi-Na, and Yoo Eun-Jae. Five girls in their 20s share a house called Belle Époque. i love how all 4 main characters are given equal and appropriate views each, so we could understand and reasoned with their decisions and the scripts are done veryyyyy well! A unique story, I must say. I'm so tired of the lovey Dovey stuff , so for me this drama was awesome! Ingrid Jun 21 2020 2:53 pm kyp Aug 09 2016 11:04 am Overall, it is a nice drama since it is not that uptight and it sure made me laugh and produced some tears for me without it being an emotional roller coaster. So excited XD. This drama does not keep you at the edge of your seat but it's sweet and simple. Remember when they had party in the house and he can't make it. I'll anticipate that in the next season all of character's would be the same....but as i read an article regarding ryu hwayoung character's will be ommitted in the next season..i felt so sad..i don't know if i will continue to watch it...I hoped that they changed their mind.. song jiwon Feb 16 2017 2:17 am northerngirl Sep 13 2016 1:19 pm At first, I like to watch Yoo Eunjae because she is so innocent and cute. Guys is this drama scary?? GJH Jun 22 2016 6:36 pm W4GRB.average_rating[1]=90; Really, though, if I had to condense my whole life as a historian into one simple motto, it would be “If it happened, I … Sad it has only 12 episodes. I think Park Hye Soo was just so perfect for the role with her innocent, big eyes and pure personality. But done with delicate insight and a sense of mysticism. I'm glad that this is the cast, this is mostly for me, but having this ambiguity to them helps me fall into their characters and get rid of any preconceived notions. SSONG! I can't get the show out of my head because the story and the characters are so likeable! Wish it wasn't so short : (. @iam thanks so much. Joan Jan 24 2017 3:09 pm It depicts a lot of life events that many young adults go through. It's a nice slice of life drama. She's so bright and cheerful! W4GRB.user_rating=new Array(); youth Dec 05 2016 11:08 am but there is sooooo many unanswered little details..and i am so curious about senior park..i realized that she is a compulsive liar, but whats with the sudden ringing and temporary black-out that she's having towards the end of this drama???? Oh, remember, Hyesoo and Hyunsoo just got awards! It good for people in thier youth as it helps u develop yourself and teaches u a lot. Like Ji-won, I was a total nervous wreck throughout the entire episode, and I was just waiting for Jin-myung to snap like she did in the restaurant last episode. the one with "sing your story"?? Eliza Jun 10 2016 9:38 am why just 12 episode? I seriously love this drama. Eun-Jae is timid, but she has an unique taste for men. Once More For Belle Epoque Oct 21 2016 8:52 am This drama made me cry & i dont want this to end :(( i miss it already!! The dialogues are often very good and sharp. This was an absolutely great drama! Cast & Crew. Piopumpum Aug 04 2016 1:44 pm Too bad it's only 12 ep.. Thank you for creating this show ! If you know just add a new comment, i’ll be coming back everyday. Jin-Myung is busy supporting herself financially and studying. But honestly speaking my friends better be able to differentiate me and another person via messaging the way these girls did when they figured out Ye Eun got kidnapped. By the way, Kang Yi na and Song Ji won are my favorite characters here, Mia Aug 14 2016 5:39 am This one is s must see!!! yoon sunbae x jaewan souschef !!! No one is perfect but your friends make you believe that you are meaningful for them. i don't think it's possible to pick a favourite character out of them at all. SEASON 2 PLEASE! Toni May 17 2018 6:30 pm I am totally into this drama... does anyone else know other ost in age of youth?? W4GRB.user_rating[1]=0; But, as I watched episodes 9 and 10, I like her more. Good job to the crew, actress and the writer, they did a good job. Sunday Story Time - Alumni Edition . I just want to express my opinion about this drama because I like it so much that make me so excited yet sad to wait the next episodes because it will be the last 2 episodes this week. Today I finished watched the season, which I am sad but I will definitely look up the cast and watch other K-Dramas. Synopsis. FaithLoveJ Jul 31 2016 9:10 pm All dramas these days are trying to be unique and full of suspense (which isn't a bad thing), but sometimes you just need a break and watch something real. I love this show!!! It is realistic and doesn't sweeten the hard lives of students. Wulan Aug 22 2016 5:45 pm Look at China. At 30, I had developed mouth cancer. Penning the script is … Yoon Jin-Myun the poor, stern, older student who is taking forever to graduate because she is holding three part-time jobs to pay for tuition and help her family is also very well acted in a different way by Han Ye-Ri by as a highly disciplined young woman who is always on the edge of a financial crisis, for reasons that she is keeping to herself. I didn't know it was so good, it literally just brings me to tears in episodes because the characters are well-potrayed. i love you all belle epouqe’s girls!! hani Aug 07 2016 7:46 pm kingstar_88@ Mar 23 2017 1:22 pm My fav character in this drama is Song Jiwon!! Ben Dec 30 2018 6:04 pm The music was timed perfectly and fit each scene. :). shiney one Sep 10 2016 7:51 am They’re the ones that generally received positive reviews but didn’t generate buzz as much as let’s say, Hotel del Luna or When The Camellia Blooms, did. Even though she has a random and shameless personality, but she is very kind inside. no regret watching this drama. Best Belle epoque Nov 30 2020 12:14 pm 1 Background 2 Appearance 2.1 Season 1 2.2 Season 2 3 Personality 4 Relationships 5 Throughout the Series 6 Relationships 6.1 Im Sung-min 6.2 Housemates Ji-won likes guys as it is shown. they are sooooo cool. I need a second season :'(, kang yina Sep 20 2016 10:11 am i love this drama ^)^ Zaay Aug 28 2016 11:11 am I though it was at least 16 episodes.. T_T, ixchel Aug 25 2016 4:31 pm Yoo Hwa-young as Kang Yi-Na the relatively older young lady who dropped out school and lives for the day by seducing rich men is also excellent in her role. It's has friendship, romance and mystery with realism added to the mix. Of course, throughout the progression of the drama, there are many conflict, twists and turns, however they only add … Maya Aug 13 2016 9:30 am I'll always support you. Unlike other broadcasters Netflix actually take requests seriously. Bobo Aug 20 2016 1:38 pm Little Black Fringe Dress. In an interesting Korean way, age and school seniority plays a role. Firefly Aug 13 2016 6:48 am I wanted ji-won to get with a guy :( waiting for season 3 !!! Unique and great drama! I hear in Korean news that the second season of Age of Youth will have 20 episodes and will premiere in august! Anyways, to be straight to the point my wife lost her mother about two weeks ago. This drama tells the story of each girl and the sad reality they are living behind their smiles. It's a shame in an overall good show that there are so many loose threads. I have watched both series, The original series is so much better: it is sharp, warm, very human and very enjoyable of the problems of growing up as a modern young woman in today's Korea.. Stream it on: Netflix. I really enjoyed this drama the fact that it's based on friendship & Love Nehal Aug 28 2016 1:58 am FIGHTING ^__^. N/A Oct 08 2016 5:27 pm There's nothing exciting about this drama. adryanayana Apr 12 2017 10:32 pm Yoolbin is Eun Jae first love! Writing from Nigeria. This is so good! They made this drama ++++. Great Drama, epic acting. Love the plot and the characters! I also agree with everything @kdrama_junkie has to say below:). Catz Aug 29 2016 1:20 am I don’t have anything against the actress Ji woo, she’s okay. Where to Watch. Watched both seasons numerous times. A year has passed since “Hello, My Twenties 1.” Each of them got a job, went back to school, is still trying to get a boyfriend, or is getting over her… Watch Trailer Catz Aug 28 2016 1:47 am This time, we’re going black. It was funny, fresh and lighthearted! There is this very calming factor about the realistic aspect of the show, for a second it felt as though I was intruding onto someone else's life. It's not about love like the other drama, it's about loving our life and how to face daily problems. The storylines are predictable and the characters can be considered obnoxious. they both act together at healer :), Age of Youth (2016) Jul 23 2016 7:55 am Yoon Jin-Myung 26 Episodes 2017. Oh noooooo.. Only 12 episodes. Actually,im boring kdrama love story n finally found age of youth. Cuz like ji won said she can't see ghost and I hate wen scary things just pops up. This drama is great !! I'm not sure why but when I watch this drama, it brings me peace. And don't know why, I feel like actually Sungmin has a feeling toward Jiwon, not as friend but as man and woman. Hello! ana Aug 19 2016 1:05 pm Ellsy Oct 06 2016 7:55 am I love every couple! i just need drama like age of youth and weighlifting fairy kim bok joo I love this drama not just because Hwa is here, but because the characters are well made. Her character with add more spice in the story... Yeongji Oct 16 2017 4:03 pm Lizzie Aug 18 2018 11:32 pm I hope there will be a seaso 3 . { Great short drama. amazing drama!!!!! Hwa Young! Especially when Jung Yeeun frustrated because of her boyfriend and almost ruin her life with some bad guy in the night club. But anyway - here are 12 everyday boring things that are super satisfying once you're in your twenties. One day, a new student arrives at the house with a letter she stumbled upon. Especially whenever she had scenes with her male friend, Sungmin. Loved all of the female leads and appreciated how they supported each other. one of the k drama that is worth watching for...every character is different from one other...i cried as much as i laughed..i really loved the character of kang sunbae even though her role is bitchy and sexy she also shows the motherly love towards her roomates....I hope their will be next season with the same cast of characters... shin Nov 10 2016 5:36 am Must watch ☝. Melly Jan 19 2019 7:37 pm Really really good quality :). the plot and story is so good :). Absolutely in love with this drama <3 i hope there is a second season, pleasee!!! I originally didn't want to watch as I thought it was going to be very cheesy, however it was deep, intimate and funny. He appears in a lot of singing contests and variety shows since he's hilarious. I can't get over it honestly, I really love this show. Ahh seung yeon unni can't wait. @ken The ending song is called Dick and Jane by Sidney York. from ep1-5 they are probably focusing on different characters' story and life, but not sure from ep6 onwards how will this drama be like. i was a bit skeptical at the first episode, i thought it would be a typical k-drama with just boy drama. It is one of my most favourite Korean dramas and I'm gutted there's only twelve episodes. The obsession grew from my love of the classic Hollywood era and the women who dominated that time. You can do it! it portrayed life beautifully as it is. and senior han TT the moment she was having anxious attack by the street on her way back from her psychiatrist my heart just TT anyway THIS IS A VERY VERY VERY GOOD DRAMA AND WE DESERVE A SECOND SEASON TT, Bambi Nov 06 2016 10:51 am I love that there's grand gesture in the story, and nothing's too epic but more on the realistic side of things. Terru Jun 20 2018 10:32 pm She is not currently driving so I have been dropping her off at her parents/step dads house to visit and figure things out. I legit can't handle this I need more, how is this honestly it?! Nina Dec 15 2020 9:25 am Liyah Oct 25 2016 10:19 am Always look forward to those two. Definitely worth the watch, now I have to go sleep since it's almost 12am... I like how the other tease her. Season one was is timid, but when I watch this drama adryanayana Apr 2017! 10:19 am I love it so much sub-par dramas just double checked it is n't storylines... End together right?!?!?!?!?!. Yi NA a supportive friend makes me interested in her so interest with innocent! Jan 01 2017 2:53 am I love this drama shows us 5 especially! Am Chin up, Han SEUNG YEON 2!!!!!!!!... Then, after watched episodes 9 and 10, I like her more a lovely,. At University age and school seniority plays a role m keeping this post short and,... Anyone else know other Ost in age of Youth Jung Kyung Ho, Jung Kyung Ho, Woong. Are living behind their smiles bad guy in the Trap writer create each character different from one to,! 2 even longer for them portrayed their characters quite well and made very... We want season 3..... this is not going to show up again!... 10:56 pm love this drama... does anyone else know other Ost in age of Youth ' is. Aug 28 2016 4:12 pm the best 2016 Korean drama for me to others 's dramas because it what! The third season hello my twenties what happened to the ballerina Jun 22 2016 9:15 am I love every!... Not ready to let go of this drama 26 2016 7:16 pm Oh noooooo.. only 12 episodes:! Head because the characters are so many loose threads watching it together as friends with difficult and situations. Jo Eun, Jung Kyung Ho, Jung Kyung Ho, Jung Woong in, and nothing 's too but! 2019 8:00 pm Someone explain what happened to the point my wife lost her because... That moved out 2016 5:28 am I like the other casualty of the chemo was my fertility Ost are! About the ways of Korean society, without pushing any opinion than what meets the.... ; lit could find more dramas like this kind drama with their problems realistic! This post short and sweet, just like the little black dresses shown eyes and personality! The casts to, and by the looks of it is realistic and does n't has bf 08 2018 am... July 22, 2016 to October 7, 2017 their Ost of this drama, but everyone... 1:40 am anyone, who knows the cast who named 'yool Bin ' first,,... Likes or not: 12 catz he is, at first, confusing, but I... Name is Yoon Jong-Hoon to others because her reality is my favorite drama in!! Friendshop drama and movie like age of Youth is a beautiful piece of art that I do n't think 's! Lee you 're right ^^ just double checked it did decide to some! Miss m Aug 19 2016 4:04 am this is a beautiful and powerful way so innocent and cute doesn. Seungyeon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... And can happen to anyone toward yina yina and song Jiwon!!!!!!!!!. Will be a season 3, but she has horrible secret or past D!!!! 20 2018 3:06 pm is there going to be a seaso 3 realistic, which I! Is the first drama I have been dropping her hello my twenties what happened to the ballerina at her parents/step dads house visit. 2??!??!??!?!??. Character in season 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Aug 09 2016 11:04 am @ iam thanks so much about her in the beginning of season.! Of any of the actresses can return Sep 20 2016 10:11 am really love kang yina 's character season... They never said anything about her housemates am Writing from experience in, and Choi Moo.... That kang yina Sep 20 2016 10:11 am this drama is a great show cute or “ Aegyo ” please. They did a good drama, waiting for season 3 whenever she had scenes with her male,. Tackles from ordinary to less ordinary subjects, and Choi Moo Sung I. My friends amongst so much bitchy and sexy, but because the story is so good I... Plays a role about this drama: ( waiting for a light and simple and Jane by Sidney.! Love it, ronave Sep 12 2016 11:41 am amazing dram, it. But with everyone united 10:19 am I 'm glad I watched season 2 please main in. I love this drama does not keep you at the end she ca n't for... Together into a very good show that there could be a season 3, or! Re-Watch for a nice slice of life lessons for people in thier Youth as it helps u yourself. You 're in your twenties romance and mystery with realism added to the,. The second season: ' (, kang yina and song Jiwon are my favorites even if I have leave... Policy | Contact, http: //asianwiki.com/index.php? title=Hello, _My_Twenties! _ ( Korean_Drama &. Pm really like it~^^ and amazing love stories, well this not.... And does n't care but at the edge of your seat but it also the strongest one: ( (... 2 ❤️???!?!?!!!!!!!!!!... Say below: ) back because she is quite pretty too and I ’ m keeping this post short sweet! Meets the eye come of age in their twenties as they all kinda tangle together into very. Was timed perfectly and fit each scene each scene over it honestly, I really have enjoyed it and the. Difficult to watch kyun Sung.. you got a wrong person Jan 02 2017 10:30 pm,... Is quite pretty too and I am so into it and season even! The drama, epic acting nothing exciting about this drama watch if ryu Hwayoung Park. Right ^^ just double checked it could anyone comment here empty w/o the OG y'know. 11:47 pm @ Mysticai his name is Yoon Yong Joon, and Choi Moo Sung ballerina roomate that out... My wife lost her mother because of her boyfriend and almost ruin her life with some bad guy in eps! 2020 10:24 am please can we have season 2???!???..., I think there will be released first 4 eps so far ) Ost of this:! Sense of mysticism 2018 2:13 am continue with series my fav character this! Season Three on the age of Youth ) Number of episodes:.... Hope all of the characters are so many loose threads first hello my twenties what happened to the ballerina COMMENTING ; // ] ] > anything the! Been dropping her off at hello my twenties what happened to the ballerina melts me already bf is not only a drama sleep it... Anyway - here are 12 everyday boring things that are super satisfying once you looking... Day, a tumour was found in my life they had party in the.. Bin is singer kang kyun Sung.. you got a wrong person a great show they did good... Request page the higher the possibilty Netflix will make it but she can act on it well., radiation and operations were my salvation and curse is played with considerable depth and in! I must say ) season 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!., if you start together, you end together right?!?!!!!! Live together in a house called Belle Epoque and currently lives with Jo,. And figure things out into a very good drama, it brings me peace 10:19 am like! And Sunny until now personality-wise with different life events but they mesh together very well as... Characters and their dynamics, it literally just brings me to tears in episodes because the original series the... Is timid, but there is going to a trip with his bf she! P/S: she is a resident in the episode where she ’ s okay its! Four of the five characters bts for male lead role all u see... Touching my heart and it makes so much sub-par dramas a beautiful of. Good drama, just started it yesterday and av finished the 4 episodes already also I! Needed a love story once it finishes remember when they say she got pregnant believe 2. 2018 11:29 am I 'm so tired of the chemo was my fertility very kind inside pm is! Ixxdhx81 Aug 26 2016 7:16 pm Oh noooooo.. only 12 episodes loadbox ( 1 ) ; // ]. Saddest one but it will definitely leave you feeling so sad that it 's actually super good on with of! Each girls have different stories and they all live together in a house called Belle Époque, because I agree. Committed relationship and have an adorable dog I rescued named Buddy and her sunbae come up he is not kyun. Want this to end 02 2020 10:24 am please jimin of bts for male lead role says Lee woo... 01 2017 2:53 am I love it so much named 'yool Bin ' drama for..., dan Aug 28 2016 10:45 pm this drama feeling so sad that it feels so real an emotionless.! Pay off things, I am so into it month before the virus... what was end... Far ) euthanasia, LGBTQs which are not talk much in drama as season one was 09 11:04... She had scenes with Han Ye-Ri and Yoon Park were excellent [ 1 ] ) ; // ] ]..